Education is important

Without getting into debate (right now) about what should be taught or how it should be taught (I have a lot of opinions on those pieces), EDUCATION IS IMPORTANT. We have taken education for granted. For so long, people have just gone to school. It doesn’t directly cost anything. We complain about this teacher or … Read more

The smallest changes

My post about my son’s sweets-free birthday party yielded a lot of questions. I’ll field them in this and future posts. If you haven’t yet, or if you need a refresher, please see my disclaimer post before proceeding. Before I was a parent, I was sure that “he only eats mac and cheese and chicken … Read more

When you know better…

…do better I’ve had so many conversations in so many realms in recent weeks that play into this notion. In a training, we were talking about why people are resistant to change. This was my contribution to the conversation. My parents are loud-and-proud racist. (I’ll refrain from listing examples.) In order for them to change, … Read more

A post every day?

Seth Godin had a blog post yesterday, talking about daily blogging. I thought… I might be able to write daily. And I suppose if I’m not concerned with what anyone thinks, I could publish daily. I definitely have enough thoughts to fill a little bit of space daily. Or to average out to daily. It … Read more