Go get what you deserve

Get out. Exercise. Eat real food. Cut the processed crap. Cut the added sweeteners. Quit smoking. Get enough sleep. Cultivate relationships with people offline. Turn off the TV. Why? You deserve it. Feeling good in your body, being healthy, having energy, are worth it. We’re told at every turn that it’s not. “You deserve a … Read more

Changing identity

“Ice cream not more than once per day”—a personal boundary that I wrote about recently. I wanted to delve more into the self-concept portion of that journey. “I am an ice cream addict” is a statement that no longer applies to me. Decreasing my ice cream consumption was my first step toward changing my eating … Read more

Simple starting points to clean up your kid’s eating habits

Won’t hurt yours, either! When I made the ice cream restriction, it wasn’t my whole diet I was worried about. No major health issues—that happened later. No guilt. I just realized that eating ice cream in large servings multiple times on most days of the week year round was not a good habit and I … Read more

Oddness of summer solstice

Today is the summer solstice. It’s the longest day of the year. No, not one with more than 24 hours—the one in the northern hemisphere with the most daylight. (The amount of daylight depends on how far from the equator you are.) So it’s the longest day, but it’s early in the summer. I can’t … Read more