The glory of having energy at the end of the work day

The last couple of years, most or all of my classes (as a whole—not every individual student) had self-control issues. Inability to stay quiet, to accept directions, to follow through on assignments, regardless of where the task fell on the fun meter. In extreme cases, yelling and swearing. Unrelenting back-talk. Things said to me that … Read more


I’ve always had good penmanship. I got Bs in school because my cursive didn’t slant–it was straight up and down–but I don’t think that makes it poor. Anyway. Most of the time nowadays, I print. For a long time, when I would write quickly (taking notes, for example), it was sloppy, but when I slowed … Read more

Help: basic ground rules

A thing happened. Person A was in a bad emotional place. Person B offered company and help with a difficult task. Person A, not wanting to impose, declined the offer. Except that Person B was also in a precarious emotional place, and helping would have also done them a lot of good, for a lot … Read more

First day of school!

In the district where I teach, today is the first day of school for students. (Teachers, counselors, others started last week. Principals, custodians, some of the office staff have been working all summer.) Today is July 23. I grew up in New Jersey, where school always started after Labor Day. (We have mid-quarter parent conferences … Read more