See yourself through someone else’s eyes

The other day, I wrote about contributing to my school community. Another great thing happened in that little piece of the day. I’ve been struggling with many of my classes. Without getting into too many details, my classes are not your typical elementary band classes, because that approach hasn’t worked with the populations I teach. … Read more


The sunsets in Arizona are pretty consistently amazing. When I lived back east, there was occasionally a sunset that really made you stop and just take it in, but here, it happens regularly. Almost daily. After living here for almost 16 years, I’ve not tired of it. I’m sure the photo I used for this … Read more


I’ve been somewhat fascinated with my hands lately. I have callouses from rock climbing. I love my climbing callouses, which seems odd, but I think they’re just a reminder that I have time and ability to do something I enjoy doing on a regular basis. And maybe a splash of the badass feeling I had … Read more

A small tribute to Michelle

I was 31 when I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma. It was around then that support groups for young adults with cancer and survivors of cancer were starting to pop up. I learned about one called I’m Too Young for This (some years later renamed Stupid Cancer). No idea how I learned about it, but … Read more