The sun is setting on 2020

It’s easy to see the bad parts of 2020. They’re on the news, they’re in articles, they’re in memes, they’re showing up in expected and unexpected places in our lives. For the overwhelming majority of us, there were good parts to 2020 as well, even if some of them are double-edged. For example, both of … Read more

My photography journey 27Dec20

It turns out, yesterday was Sunday, so I’m posting a day late, but I have photos! And I want to share! And it’s winter break, so today is kinda like Sunday anyway. I received a beautiful bouquet of flowers … and didn’t think to pull out the Nikon. (The last couple of weeks have used … Read more

My photography journey 13Dec20

Exciting news: we adopted two dogs! They were double-or-nothing, pair-bonded chihuahua mixes, weighing a total of 13 pounds. They’re the bulk of The Kid’s Christmas presents, and “excited” is a drastic understatement. They’re skittish, though (reasonably), and they’re just starting to tolerate him. Learning curve for everyone. We couldn’t agree on names for them (Scooby … Read more

A hundred concerts

In a normal year, my social media feed would be full of posts from music teacher friends and parents of music students. It’s concert season. Band, orchestra, choir, drama, and others. Schools, churches, and others. Cute little ones, well-refined older ones, the ones in between who have neither the charm of the littles nor the … Read more