Cancer and my grandchildren

I hope that one day, I can tell my grandkids about what I went through for treatment for lymphoma, and they can look at me wide-eyed, staring in disbelief at how archaic the treatments were. In the mean time, for the too many people I know (and countless more I don’t know) who are fighting … Read more


I have a love-hate relationship with birthdays. Not because of the aging part. I’m not worried about that much most days. I like to get positive attention. I can show you the roots for that—I know where it comes from—but that doesn’t change that it is true. I’ve accomplished quite a bit professionally, which has … Read more

A tale of two daddies

I am divorced and remarried. I have a seven-year-old from my first marriage. We share custody and co-parent well. (People who have watched the journey for the last five years have periodically popped in and commented on us doing a bang-up job at prioritizing The Boy’s needs.) (Shout out also to both daddies for sharing … Read more

No-work Sundays

Years ago, a friend of mine was in grad school. She had her work load, she had a part-time job, she had her apartment to take care of. She decided that Sundays were going to be no-work days. No school work. No job work (which was easy—her employer wasn’t open on the weekends). No chores. … Read more

Sometimes older is just older

People change over time, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse, probably most often a combination. Ideally, we’d have more “for the better.” This is the thing: if you don’t own your past, it owns you. If you did something shitty and/or stupid 20 years ago and it resurfaces (reason irrelevant), there are a … Read more