“Michael would be proud.”

That’s what I wrote on Facebook eight years ago. I had traveled to NJ to present at a conference. (I love doing that!! Public speaking is fun scary.) I had spent several sessions with Michael, my therapist, working on a scripted conversation with my mom. (This is several years after starting with him.) To put … Read more

Everyone is tired

The political climate is sucking the life energy out of us. There is too much to fight to be able to do it all. There is too much going on even to stay on top of it all. There are too many giant steps backwards, undoing decades of work. There are too many people whose … Read more


Please, if you are going to make the effort to make a New Year’s resolution, please take some steps to make it more likely to be successful. (If you have no intention of keeping it, don’t bother making it.) Some steps: Make it something in your control: “The garage will get cleaned out,” when what … Read more

The path and the results

Yesterday, I posted more or less the transcript of my session about sugar, and I promised you that today, I would give you advice on dealing with all of that information and what you can expect as a result of your hard work. Read labels. (Ask me if you don’t know how—I’ll teach you.) Use … Read more

My word

My school district does something at the beginning of each year for staff, to try to give us a common inspirational thing that in theory would carry through the year but rarely lives for more than a week or two. This year, we were each to engrave a word on a “my intention” bracelet. It … Read more

Podcast quote: creativity (and so much more)

TED has started a new podcast series called TED Interviews, where Chris Anderson interviews people who have give TED talks about their talks, and they get more in depth. I haven’t quite listened to all of them, but all that I’ve listened to have been captivating. (As of this writing, there are only six of … Read more