A small tribute to Michelle

I was 31 when I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma. It was around then that support groups for young adults with cancer and survivors of cancer were starting to pop up. I learned about one called I’m Too Young for This (some years later renamed Stupid Cancer). No idea how I learned about it, but … Read more

Info and experimentation

I was exploring WordPress, trying to find a way to change the way comments work. I’ve gotten several messages from people saying they’d like to comment but there’s no way to do it. There is. But not from the main feed. Let me explain. If you go to my website—heat-weirdlastname.com—the default page is the blog. … Read more

Podcast quote: humans’ biggest superpower

The TED Interview has been an interesting little series to work through. Chris Anderson talks with people who have given TED talks to delve a little deeper into their content. Through this, I listened to a “bonus episode” (not found on the site linked above, but accessible through a podcast app) of Ezra Klein interviewing … Read more

“Michael would be proud.”

That’s what I wrote on Facebook eight years ago. I had traveled to NJ to present at a conference. (I love doing that!! Public speaking is fun scary.) I had spent several sessions with Michael, my therapist, working on a scripted conversation with my mom. (This is several years after starting with him.) To put … Read more