My photography journey 28Feb21

Finally! I pulled the Nikon back out! It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve actually taken pictures with something besides my phone, though I do get some good shots when it’s all I have and there’s a shot to be had. Like these: It’s not the camera that takes the pictures, it’s the photographer … Read more

Making space

Earlier in pandemic, we bought a treadmill. Even in the nice weather, one of us uses it most days, and when the weather is uncooperative, it gets used multiple times each day. Each week, I have a handful of Zooms, and I participate in most of them while walking on the treadmill. (If I’m going … Read more

It’s not just about the weather

We have a serious game of one-up-manship going on. It’s everywhere and completely lacks empathy. An easy example, one that likely isn’t triggering to most people, is weather. Right now, Texas is just starting to thaw a bit. People went for days without electricity and/or running water. It’s killing people. Homes are flooding. Drinking water … Read more

Pleasant people plus one

I was in a writing group. We were generally friendly, offered feedback to each other on our work with both give and take on “negative” feedback. (So grateful for that. Can’t get better without constructive criticism, and we, culturally, are extremely averse to it.) One person in the group was extremely unpleasant. Would talk much … Read more

TV, time, and attention

“Well, I don’t watch that much TV.” Defensiveness about television habits is in the top three things people think I’m judging them for because my habits are different. (Eating and alcohol consumption are the other two. Pandemic has relieved most people’s defensiveness about all three.) I don’t watch TV. It’s a simple statement of fact, … Read more

My photography journey 14Feb21

The sunsets here the last few weeks have been even better than usual, and they’re usually very nice. I live in a fairly typical suburban neighborhood, which means there are lots of obstacles to taking great sunset (or sunrise) photos. It’s not terribly far to hiking trails, though, so one day last week, we took … Read more


Selfies are given a bad rap. As with most reputations, there’s some legitimacy in there, and also as with most reputations, the legitimacy is overgeneralized. Some selfies are from single parents who have no one else to take photos of them much of the time. If they want a picture together with their kid, they … Read more