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Meanderings: sports, energy, deafness

We went to another Mercury game (WNBA) and there was so much energy in the arena.

Years ago, I went to a Suns playoff game and the space was loud 100% of the time.

Baseball games sometimes get there, when either something exciting happens or the game is high stakes or both.

And it got me to wondering if the energy comes through the noise. Would a person who is deaf experience the energy? Some of it is just being invested in the outcome, for sure, but not all of it. As a performer, noise is feedback, and it makes a difference.

Along similar lines, would an introvert who is deaf be less overwhelmed by that sort of event than an otherwise equal hearing person?

Yes, the noise creates vibration that can be felt, but not to the same extent, I would assume. Perhaps I assume wrong. Places my brain goes…

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Just a little silliness

This is the fourth time this has happened.

One of my eyelashes is really long.

Just one.

I don’t know what makes this happen, but I get a disproportional amount of joy from my long eyelash.

People try to pull it off to prevent it from falling into my eye, thinking it’s one that fell out and got stuck in the other lashes.

When it curls down, I can see it.

I tried to take a picture so you could see it, too, but it didn’t work.

I have no idea why it grows like that, why it doesn’t always grow like that, if it’s always the same lash (or even over the same eye—I don’t remember), or why it’s so delightful.

But it is, so I’ll go with it.

Joy in the little things. Even if they’re really weird.

Have a great weekend!

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Magnetism in enthusiasm

There is something delightful about people who get jazzed about a topic, even if the topic is weird (by my standards) or not something I’m necessarily interested in.

I have read most of Malcolm Gladwell’s books and have enjoyed them thoroughly. Some of the pieces within them are about topics that I wouldn’t necessarily choose to read about. But they were in the book. So I read them. And they were interesting!

He has a podcast called Revisionist History. Some of them I enjoyed because the content was up my alley. But then he turned to talking about music history which, oddly, I wasn’t super-interested in.

And yet, I was captivated.

He was so immersed in what he was talking about and so excited to share it that it was interesting to listen to.

Six-ish months ago, I bought a one-year subscription to MasterClass. Not entirely understanding what I’d purchased, I was delighted to learn that I had access to all of the classes, not just the one I thought I had bought.

I’m taking in all of the classes about either writing or photography. (The Kid has enjoyed some episodes of Penn and Teller and others about space travel.)

In the time I’ve been a member, new classes have been added, including one by Malcolm Gladwell.

It’s about writing, so I was going to watch it regardless, but by this point, I’d become a fan enough that I would have watched at least some of it anyway.

And it doesn’t disappoint.

Listening to the podcast adds voice, inflection, etc. that the consumer doesn’t get in writing.

Watching the MasterClass adds gestures and facial expressions.

If nothing else, he is excited about his work and the stories he tells.

I have no connection to him though I’d love to share a meal or afternoon tea, I get no kickbacks for books, podcast listeners, or MasterClass subscribers (though I think I can maybe give you a referral link to MasterClass and get a discount on a renewal). I am just delighted that his work has crossed my path at this point in time when I appreciate them.

Have you been in a space where you’ve been captivated by someone’s enthusiasm about something that you otherwise might not be interested in?

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Creating our own identity

I make notes in my phone when I hear something that I want to remember: a quote, a book recommendation, a podcast recommendation, and so on.

Going back through my notes? Not always timely.

I found this one from May:

We have the freedom and the burden to make our own identity

It was from a podcast. I don’t know which one.*

But as anyone who has lamented not being a kid knows, freedom can be burdensome.

In some families/communities/countries, people in the system have a very defined role. They don’t get to choose or figure out who they are.

But they also don’t have to.

Not something I’ve thought about in this way. Fun to mess with my brain.


*I’ve started noting which podcast, which episode, and sometimes the time stamp in my notes. I used to believe the note was just until I got home, but I’ve wisened up…

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AZ anniversary

Some time in the last week was my 16-year anniversary of arriving in Arizona.

(I could look at a calendar and figure out which day exactly, but it’s not that important. Early August is good enough.)

I came out here to go to grad school. To go somewhere hot and far away. To try to start over.

My boyfriend at the time drove out with me and stayed a week or so, and then I was here on my own. It was scary and exciting and has been exactly what I hoped for and not at all what I hoped for.

So much has happened in the time that I’ve been here. While it’s not up to half of my life yet, it is the majority of my adult life, even if you count college as “adult.” (Which I don’t, because of how my experience went. If you’re not supporting yourself on money you earned, you’ve not yet graduated to adult. In my opinion.)

Some of the things I wanted to be far away from stayed far away. (Hooray!) Some of them were part of me and are here. (That was a rough lesson.)

It’s just a reflection point. A moment to stop, think about where I’ve been, see where I want to go, and continue on.

I tend to do this more at this time and around my cancer-versary than at New Years, since these moments have significance in a real way, whereas January 1 is A Thing but not My Thing.

Here’s to the 17th year being better than the rest! (Why not?!)