Is awkward defined by the subject or the observer?

As an introverted child, I did a lot of people-watching. I noticed people who were boorish and didn’t notice others’ fake smiles and “oh look at the time!” exits. I saw people who droned on about disinteresting things and didn’t notice others’ eyes glazing over. I was so scared about being one of those people, … Read more

Distance, leverage, growth

Tempe Town Lake is a man-made lake not far from here where you can use a paddleboat or a kayak or go fishing. It’s also a popular location for triathlons.  The water is not crystalline. When I swam in Tempe Town Lake, I couldn’t see my hand at the end of my completely outstretched arm. … Read more

My photography journey 17Jan21

For Christmas, I gave The Climbing Daddy a “grow your own [oyster] mushrooms” kit*. It’s a pretty simple setup, and in about a week and a half, we went from having a cardboard box full of mushroom-growing stuff to a box with mushrooms growing like mad, ready to be harvested. Truly amazing. The Tall Daddy … Read more

Wandering and staying focused: a working plan

In a conversation on Zoom this morning, we chatted about staying on track with work and life. A system I guess-and-checked my way into is working really well for me right now and seemed to resonate with others, so I thought I’d share it with you. Take what resonates, leave the rest. First, I made … Read more

My photography journey 10Jan21

More macro! I got some advice on improving my shots and wanted to redo the dog’s eye (I like that shot) but haven’t thought to do it when they’re laying and I’ve had enough light. Speaking of not enough light… this one is too dark, and I wouldn’t normally share it, but watching Brussels sprouts … Read more