My photography journey 29Nov20

My only Nikon photos this week were from Thanksgiving. The Climbing Daddy made caprese salad on toothpicks. When he realized The Kid wasn’t going to eat them, he made toothpick snacks out of fruit. Flowers on the table (in the back yard in the sun) That’s all for this week! See you next week!

Full enjoyment can include moderation

Tomorrow (and every day, but for now—tomorrow), I invite you to practice mindfulness. Mindfulness is a word that has lost meaning because it’s used so much nowadays, but we are not, on the whole, even mediocre at it. Yet. If you’re enjoying a meal full of your favorite foods tomorrow (or any day), instead of … Read more

Take the opportunity: band teacher edition

What a fantastic opportunity we have been forced into! I know that could be interpreted sarcastically; I mean it completely sincerely. I am a teacher. Sometimes, I am a phenomenal teacher. Sometimes, I am a mediocre teacher. We all know teachers who have been teaching for a long time, teaching the same thing, plugging along … Read more

My photography journey 15Nov20

The Kid and his friend had a masked playdate at a park. They’ve been friends since they were two. While they played quite a bit, they did sometimes just walk and talk. They indulged my requests to take pictures through the drain holes in the wall. To the side, there’s a plot of grassy plants. … Read more

Political ads—a long series of teachable moments

Like everyone (I assume) in the US, we’ve been inundated with political ads. We don’t watch TV, so that helps. But the volume of postcards has been ridiculous. In particular, we received a postcard most days for several weeks, telling us the evils of one specific (not presidential) candidate. If I didn’t know the state-level … Read more